Goldman Sachs to explore strategic alternatives for Marcus…


What you can learn from Goldman Sach’s mistake and apply to your job search today…

Goldman has decided it can’t be the cool kid anymore and run the fintech playground for personal finance for the rest of us. What it failed to realize from the beginning was that cool is not in its DNA. You can hire the smartest people, but if your mindset is not cool to begin with, you will fail.

Is this really you?

Do you see yourself in this story? Maybe you tried the fintech, vc, or startup route, and it’s not working. The IPO is not tomorrow and you are working too hard for the money.

Maybe you really are the conservative person that is better off in a larger firm with a structure already in place. There is comfort and security in numbers. Maybe your spouse was not into your moving to a Fintech, VC, or startup to begin with?

Let’s get you home

Let’s get you back to a more stable environment. Here are 3 things you can do today:

  • Download your linked connections and see who is working where – it may surprise you how many have already come home
  • Think about how to frame your current experience so that it will resonate with a larger employer – your are more valuable now
  • Realize that applying for jobs online is a crapshoot and networking is your key back- think about your marketing outreach

You can get back home.

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