This 4 blog series discusses the horrific parts of the job search process called the Resume (Part 1), Networking (Part 2), Interviewing (Part 3), and a surprise topic (Part 4).


5 ridiculous aspects of networking that we all suffer through…

Networking Events Worse Than Death, Dentists, and Taxes

  • I feel so nervous sometimes I don’t know what to say
  • Seems like dating all over again, and that was a nightmare
  • The person I am speaking with just talks about themselves; get me out of here

LinkedIn Networking Headaches

My Network is Small

  • Hey, I’ve been working and have had no time to build my network
  • I am connected to a lot of people in my company but not on the outside
  • I don’t know most of my connections

Reaching Out to People I Used to Know Is Awkward

  • I feel like an ambulance chaser
  • I have no idea how to ask for help
  • They are going to look down on me for not having a job or needing help

How Do I Even Reach Out?

  • Can’t I just click the “Connect” button; what is this “add a note stuff”?
  • Once I am connected, what do I then do; nobody likes to help someone get a job-Ugh!
  • What if people don’t connect with me; why didn’t they?  Is it me?

I Probably Have to Pay LinkedIn a lot of Money When I Start Reaching Out

  • I have no job and no extra money
  • If I had some money, I would probably spend it on something better
  • Somebody show me the return on investment of the extra cost

Networking is Just Too Painful!

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