To speed your job search, the 2-day rule is magic.  It simply says that if you try once to contact someone who can help you in your job search and they ignore you, try back 2 days later. How many of us have given up after trying to connect with a recruiter, old colleague, or family friend.  By using the 2 day rule, you will have a plan to be aggressive yet respectful.

In this blog, you will learn the 2-day rule to speed your job search, which is actually broken down into three sub-rules.

  • The 2-day rule of time
  • The 2-day rule of platform
  • The 2-day rule of adding value

Procrastination in networking makes for an elongated job search

As I have written in prior blogs, networking through LinkedIn is the #1 job search tool. However, many people experience fatigue because they do not properly follow up with a contact after a first try.  “People aren’t calling me back, linking in, or even emailing me” are expressions I hear all the time.

Of course, people don’t respond to you the first time you attempt to contact them.  They are busy with their own lives which are getting harder by the day.  You should have the expectation people will ignore you unless you provide them a reason to reply to you.

That fact that people aren’t responding is not their problem, it’s yours! Take action now to speed your job search.

Speed your job search with the three 2-day rules

The 2-day rule of time

If you reach out to someone to network and they ignore you, try them back 2 days later.  When they hear from you twice within a week, they know you mean business, the business of getting a job.

Isn’t 2 days too aggressive? If you truly believe this contact can help you, you must be aggressive in your entire job search strategy, especially networking.

The 2-day rule of platform

Try reaching out again on a different platform.  If you first reach out by email, try next on LinkedIn.  Have their telephone number, great, follow up by text. If they are on Twitter, send them a private message.

By diversifying your platforms, your contact will know you are serious.  Serious job seekers get results faster.

The 2-day rule of adding value

Life is a 2-way street. If you really want help from a contact, like forwarding your resume to a hiring manager or having a call to discuss where you might fit into your contact’s company, then you must give value since you expect value.

When you breathe, don’t you have an inhale and exhale? Life is a give and take.

When you contact someone to follow up, provide them with a link to an article they will find interesting, personal or professional. Give them something, anything to show you respect their time.  Bribery? Respect? Whatever you call it, it works to speed your job search.

My client was so angry people weren’t responding to her messages

It’s bad enough when you apply for a job and the company ghost you, but being ghosted by your ex-colleagues and friends? My client was livid.  She did so many favors for these contacts in the past. How dare they ignore her in her time of need?

My client had reached out to 50+ great contacts, with only a handful reaching back with conversations that went nowhere. The road to inertia is quick and steep.

We discussed the 2-day rules

As soon as my client realized that her follow-up skills were weak, she understood why she was having so much difficulty.  It never dawned on here that networking is a 2-way process.

She noticed her response rate went way up when she followed up 2 days later, on a different platform, with a value-add article.

It wasn’t overnight, but with persistence, her contact rate went sky high, the quality of dialogue improved, and networking became easier.

She now has 3rd rounds with 2 Wall Street bulge bracket firms.

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