Since it’s that time of the year, we bring you the “Top 5 Reasons Why Job Search Is Like Paying Your Taxes”

You can’t get around them 
•    If you don’t pay your taxes, you go to jail
•    If you don’t job search, you stay in the jail called “underpaid and underappreciated”
They both take a lot of time 
•    Hours a not that what did he die from I spoke to more recently than that hours, even if you know what you are doing
•    Painful hours you could be doing anything else but
You need someone to help you
•    Even if it’s TurboTax like me, someone/thing always knows more
•    In job search, you need someone (a career coach) to help you get out of your head
Bad advice is everywhere
•    Ask anyone and they will tell you how to reduce your taxes
•    Ask 10 people for executive resume advice and get 11 opinions
They both just suck!
•    Enough said


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