Yun Tian

Mike helped me move from Fitch Ratings to MUFG Securities and taught me how the game was played.

I knew Mike was the right professional for me. Empathetic and intuitive as a person and understood Wall Street back and forth. I enrolled in his comprehensive Job Accelerator Plan, creating a resume and LinkedIn profile that spoke to my hard and soft skills, to networking me into my top target investment banks. We mock interviewed to help me tell me the genuine story of my past and my future goals.

He sped my job search by at least 3 months, sparing me the pain and agony of continue job search.

Shweta Mahajan

As a young professional transitioning from my first job after college to my second, working with Mike was an incredibly important part of my job search.

Mike guided me through the whole process from providing career direction and advice, revising my resume, and rebuilding my LinkedIn profile. He understands the FinTech world due to his investment banking background as well as having worked with many IT clients. Both my resume and LinkedIn profile attracted a great deal of attention from recruiters, which ultimately led to my current job placement. Mike helped me to create my brand and sell me! I’d highly recommend his services.

Perry Reynolds

I love my position with my new employer Bank of America and moved from Associate to VP. Trust me; you want a guy who spent 15 years on the Street to represent you.

I hired Mike because he knows the Wall Street world inside and out. My original resume was very technical and did not fairly represent my skills. After he was through with his magic, all my skills were so clear on paper that I felt great. My revised LinkedIn profile attracted so many more hits as soon as I made the updates.

Maria Leonardi

Mike helped me in 2018 as I was considering changing my career path. His systematic approach to identifying a focus was helpful and looking back at the results of our discussions it is clear that the findings are still relevant and helpful in shaping my direction today!

Amir Tal

Mike provided me with spot-on advice in evaluating different global IT career options. He determined my worth in the marketplace, helped me negotiate a better offer, and guided me on a clear path. Wow.

Gabrielle Jointer

Michael took the time to understand my career goals. He enhanced my resume to show me as a strong contributor, with words that jumped from the page. He improved my LinkedIn profile to display key words where recruiters search most. He showed me best in class interview techniques to target my skills to those required by future employers and to answer those difficult questions. I believe that Michael will speed my job search by 3 or more months and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Sean Piotrowski

I am a seasoned technical support specialist & technology educator, who recently worked with IBM in the Watson Group. I realized my resume described many different skills which made it too general. Michael helped me realize the importance of telling a story that should be highly targeted towards the job I was seeking. His ability to create bullets with the right words showing depth and breadth was amazing. He took the time to get to know me in order to maximize describing my hard and soft skills. I believe working with Michael saved me 2-3 months in my job search process. I highly recommend him for IT professionals.

Charles Schiller

I just wanted to follow up with you. I got the job as a senior risk manager at Mizuho in NYC and am thrilled. Thank you for your coaching before the interview – I was getting frustrated after being close on a number of other opportunities and with the onset of COVID 19. Your advice and coaching was just the bump, change of perspective, slightly new technique, encouragement I needed at a difficult time (late Feb ’20).