My client worked for an OK company as a VP on the supply chain side.  However, the corporate dysfunctional environment was starting to get to her.  Things were really slowing down.

She came to me looking to upgrade companies.  Nobody deserves to be stuck because of the insecurity of senior leadership.

Companies don’t work for one and only one reason: The C-Suite is so blind to their own egos that they fail to see market opportunities or the chance to avoid major errors.  If the C-Suite started meditating regularly, profits would soar.

We created a Renoir Resume and a van Gogh LinkedIn profile. We worked on her story to de-emphasize the dysfunctional management at her old shop and convince the new employer she wanted to move to a newer, faster-moving company.  Now that she is the VP of sourcing at this new food company, you could be consuming some of her great decisions.


I’d love to help you get un-stuck too.

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