Sometimes it’s about the money. Sometimes it’s about a better company. Sometimes it’s about a more interesting job.  Sometimes it’s all the above.  We hit the trifecta!

Ok. It’s really about the money!  Up 15%, 25%, 50%, all possible.

My client was an associate working at a non-top tier investment bank on the trading side.  His resume was filled with so many technical terms that only the person sitting next to him would understand.  That’s a problem when you want to change firms and roles.

He wanted to be a banker.  So, we took each of his top 10 skills and accomplishments and converted them to banker speak.  We took away the jargon and substituted industry standard wording for his accomplishments. He was then ready not only to step up to the big leagues but also get to the VP level with more money.  Yes, more money.

Bring your “A+” game or go home.  He now talks, walks and even smells like a banker.

We rebranded him on his resume and LinkedIn profile.  We improved his interview style.  Cinderella was all set for the big ball, and Dorothy made it to the yellow brick road.

Rebranding complete!

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