How do you go from unemployed past the 40 mark to a top ten consulting firm? Not easily.  We worked together for 1 month and as ACDC says, he’s now “Back in Black.”

One way is: interview preparation, interview preparation, and more interview preparation.

Most interviewees make the mistake of never satisfying their agenda in the interview process.  Interviewees generally play a defensive game of answering the question and waiting until the last 5 minutes to ask their questions.  Great strategy if you don’t want the job.

Interviews are about creating mutual dialogue and satisfying your agenda.  How do you satisfy your agenda? It starts by knowing what your agenda is.  Your agenda generally consists of those 4-5 points which you must make during the interview, regardless of whether a neat and tidy time occurs.  You take charge!

My client’s agenda consisted of his diverse background, his law degree in a field where one is rare, his prior dealings with the company, and his personal passions which line up with the company culture and products.

He got his agenda satisfied.  Back in Black.  Thank you Mr. Johnson.  Peace Mr. Scott.


What’s your agenda?

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