Multiple offers within 1-month of perfecting his resume and LinkedIn profile.

My client was frustrated he had been a manager for so many years.  His company did not have room for him to grow. He was ready for the Director role, more management responsibility, and more money.  More money!

We made a plan to perfect his resume and tell his story.  His original resume had a summary section that was difficult to read and was just filled with buzzwords. Buzzwords are nice, but unless they are shown within the context of success, they fall flat. His 8-year experience only took up 20% of a 2-page resume and had 10 bullets in a row, too much for the eye.

We gave him a tagline at the top to control the reader’s perception.  Below the tagline, we showed three concrete successes with buzzwords.  We expanded his current experience to more than 60% of his resume.  We demonstrated his unique value add.

After working together for 2 weeks, his resume was easy to read, passed ATS HR systems, and was chock full of detailed accomplishments.  You knew what my client could do for an employer right away.  Control the impression and you are gold.

His LinkedIn profile: Wow.

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