Why is it we are so good about talking about others but not ourselves?  What gets triggered in our head such that when we give our elevator pitch, the elevator shakes in an uncomfortable “I am going to die” way?  Why does “Tell me about yourself” make you want to puke?

Interview skills are archaic, artificial, and altogether weird.  “Tell me about your greatest weakness”.  Well, I shot my wife since she brought home the wrong bread and didn’t really feel that bad about it”.  Give me a break.

My client and I practiced his elevator speech to stress his essentials.  We changed his interview style to one of dialogue and not Q&A.  I got him out of his head so he understood the answers the recruiter wanted to hear and not the answers he wanted to give.

He is so much happier going from a behemoth to a startup!


I can help you get out of your head and into your next career position.

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