Sometimes being with the best name in the business sounds sexy but doesn’t give you the mobility you need.  Smaller, more nimble companies can give you more responsibility and allow you to showcase your stuff.

My client was nervous about his interview skills. His answers to behavioral interview questions lasted on average 3+ minutes.  His answers to multiple questions sounded random and not a crisp interwoven story of a fantastic professional. He so was stuck in his head that he never realized what the interviewer wanted to hear.

It’s not about what you want to say. It’s about what the interviewer wants to hear!

We talked about his agenda, or the 3 points he must make about his value add, regardless of the questions asked.  We transformed “Tell me about yourself” to an interesting story of no more than 2 minutes and not a boring walk through his resume.  Finally, I really pushed him to stress his leadership skills and how he hired/promoted/onboarded and trained his 15+ person team.  After a couple of interview sessions, he was ready for prime time.

Show a combination of:

  • Hunger for that job in particular
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills

He is so much happier going from a behemoth to a startup!


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