Most people believe in the convention that a larger company is better during these tough times.  Larger companies imply stability.  I don’t disagree. However, some like to take advance of dislocations and increase their job risk profile.

My client was on the sales management side of residential and commercial solar.  Working for a large company was wearing him down: bureaucracy, politics, endless meetings for meeting’s sake.

Has that ever happened to you?

We put together a customized strategic 5-point plan

We focused attention on a variety of activities he could do within solar and in the larger ESG space.  We considered a variety of the big players in the industry and whether his solar background was a fit for ESG.  ESG was a possibility with the right company.  ESG is a tricky space since it draws from many backgrounds.

After we enhanced his resume and optimized his LinkedIn profile, he had his networking calls and was ready to nail upcoming interviews.

He wanted to take a risk.  He joined a startup even during COVID. Sometimes you need to know when to break out and up the ante.


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