Here’s the ironic part of my business:  I work on two different clients, both part of the same company, same division, same group!  Confidentiality is in place, so neither one knows I helped the other.

My first client was mid-level at an insurance company involved in digital marketing.  She wanted to step up the title and pay.  Maybe my second client was the blocker?  One can only imagine.

My first client had B2B and B2C experience, very well-known prior company experience, and worked internationally.

You know how they say better on paper than in real life? Like most of our headshots? Ok, I admit my headshot is better looking than I am!!

This client was the opposite.  She was so much richer in real life, but her resume and LinkedIn were choppy, hard to read, and generic.

After 2 weeks of work, we built her a race car which she then drove around and picked up a Wall Street firm; you know the name, but I can’t tell you!

Wouldn’t it be funny if both clients got drunk at a bar one night and discovered they had the same career coach who had a headshot better looking than he was?


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