What is one of the most frequently asked questions I get these days? Where are the jobs?  I list technology, anything that deals with work-at-home products/services and healthcare (there are more).  First, we had FinTech, then InsurTech, now HealthTech is popular.

My client was a CTO of a smaller technology company working with retailers.  Retailing is not the hottest right now, to say the least. He was indifferent as to which industry he wanted to move, but it had to be with a startup company.

His resume was chocked full of technical skills but very light on soft skills.

How did we package him up? We focused on balancing his soft and hard skills. Recruiters from IT, more than any other field, want to see how a CTO interacts with the firm’s internal and external stakeholders.

We focused on my client’s history of building teams, and teams of teams, and his track record of building relationships with client senior management. He also managed a hefty vendor budget.

Of course, we stressed his hard skills and how they helped his former employer achieve business objectives. RedHat, Ubuntu, Java EE, HTML/CSS, Hadoop, you name it, he had it, and more.

A tool in any CTO toolbox must include demonstrating how he/she/they manage internal and external stakeholders.


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