My client had a number of accounting/finance positions at smaller companies or companies that were not really well known.  She wanted to work for a bigger, named firm.

When we talked about structuring her resume, she quickly learned that we were also preparing her for her interviews.  I created a resume that had bullets and sub-bullets that we put into “themes”.  Cash management, forecasting, stakeholder relationships and a couple of others. When you structure your content into themes, not only does your resume look organized, but you can control your narrative with the very names of the themes.

What my client realized was her historical interview style was disorganized.  By providing her with a structure for her resume, she quickly saw that she could organize her interview answers in a similar fashion.  Since she never thought about her job from this structured perspective, the rest of the interview process was really hard.

Once we provided her structure, she stepped up and is now working for one of the largest ad agencies in the world.


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