How many of you out there have big names on your resume, but have lost your job recently? Working in a “consulting capacity” (read unemployed) until the big names come calling? Unless you have a strategic plan, that phone may not ring so soon.

When I met my client, she had just been let go by a major corporate name in the healthcare field. She had historical senior positions in retail and other verticals. She needed to get back to the big leagues.  She was “consulting” which was unacceptable.

We focused a lot of attention on her current “consulting experience”. I don’t want to say we pushed the envelope a bit.  We pushed the envelope a lot.  Sometimes you need to be aggressive since the competition is fierce.  Did we lie? No, absolutely no.  Did we expand definitions a bit. Yes.

Some clients are very conservative and don’t push any limits.  That’s a morality call which will influence the timing of getting back to work. Each person has their own boundaries.  I work with ultra-conservative clients also.

However, show me a major brand name that does not push it a little. “Have a Coke and a Smile”? Gives me gas, clearly not a smile. I buy it anyway.

We created a fantastic resume that brought out “her best” from her former jobs and her current “consulting” experience.  It’s all in the words.

She is currently a senior member of a Big 4 advertising company.


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