No, not America’s Most Wanted.  Good guess though!

Do you remember when your parents told you something that you ignored?  Like, get a haircut since you never know who you will run into?

I went 6 months without a haircut which for a conservative guy like me is radical.   I won’t run into anyone I know, will I?

Well, I did, in a major public way and found myself on TV (YouTube).

Marc W. Halpert and I had the honor of zooming with over 100 participants at a webinar on August 10 hosted by Jason DeLuca who runs the Columbia Alumni Association of NJ. We talked about “everything job search” during the pandemic for any professional.  Click here for the webinar.

We also introduced our unique video program for college seniors and recent college graduates to help them get the right job during the pandemic.  Click here for more information.

Although we created the video program for the kids, it’s really for all the parents out there who love their children but don’t want them living at home, spilling beer everywhere, and never cleaning up.

So, our video program is parent Alka-Seltzer, Pepto Bismol, and Codeine wrapped into one!

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