Your kid just graduated from college in May. They might be trying to get a job, but they don’t really know how the game is played. It is a game with rules that can be learned. The game’s rules, however, have now changed during the pandemic.

Maybe you’re a little nervous or totally freaking out? Do you really want them to live home forever?

Your kid’s college may not have taught the rules so well even though you paid $50k annually.

$200k and your kid is still stuck home jobless?

Their first professional job can set their earning’s capacity for the rest of their life. Unless you don’t care and want to delay your retirement forever.

Marc W. Halpert and I have created a unique video presentation to get your kid back to work. We play the game every day, helping clients win. A small investment in your kid. Coming soon!

Transformation is possible.

Oh, yea!

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