You need to get out of your comfort zone if you want a new job. Many of my clients have feelings of being stuck. I admit I’m stuck in my comfort zone as a career coach since I only blog on LinkedIn and FB. I need to move to Twitter to tweet, tweat, trick or treat or treat, whatever the word is.

There is help for us!

I am getting out of my comfort zone in career coaching and starting to tweet. Are you stuck in your comfort zone?
  • I’m scared I will be laid off but moving is risky too
  • I don’t know how to capture the real me on my resume
  • I’ve heard search engine optimization on LinkedIn is crucial; what does that even mean?
  • I hate networking with people I’ve not spoken to in a while; I feel I’m using them
  • When I interview, I am selling me to me instead of me to the recruiter

Getting unstuck is scary.  I am scared of the following by moving to Twitter

  • The interface is confusing; it’s built for my kids and the President
  • Can I use video, pictures, or just words?
  • Are my clients even on Twitter?
  • How should my blogs differ from my tweets?
  • How do I get followers to engage with my content?
However, after hiring a coach to help me learn Twitter as part of a social media plan, and doing some independent research, I am jumping in next week.

So, what can you do to jump into your job search?

  • Understand that you need a career coaching plan to tackle this incredibly important project with timelines and deliverables, just like a project at the office
  • Initiate or deepen your stress reduction practice through meditation, yoga, or just punching your pillow. See my video on stress reduction
  • Realize this job search process is a marathon of 3-6 months, not a sprint of 3-6 weeks
Hire a career coach professional who can not only help you technically but psychologically as well. Most new things are scary. Follow me for great career advice.