Networking Strategy Plus

Cost: $2,500

1 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Call

We spend time actually talking with each other to understand where you have come from and where you want to go

Network Evaluation

Deep-dive exploration of who you know and how they can help you achieve your goals

Mike's Secret Strategy Sauce

Learn all of Mike’s trade secrets, including:

  • How to apply online the right way
  • How to optimize work with recruiters
  • How to leverage friends and colleagues
  • How to leverage LinkedIn 1st connections
  • How to leverage university and company alumni
  • How to leverage LinkedIn 2nd connections
  • How to have a killer informational interview call
  • How to network in any company, anywhere, anytime

Target Company Evaluation

Work with Mike to create a list of 20-25 companies that are a great fit for you and your goals

Target Company Calls

In addition to employing your new skills to set up calls, Mike will network you into 5 companies of your choosing

Nail Your Elevator Pitch

Learn to clearly and concisely express your goals to help others help you

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