Sharon was a senior marketing executive at a handful of very well-known large companies.

She was getting really annoyed with the job search process and suspected that her age of 40+ was a major issue.

Then she came to Career Services Plus.  

I signed her up for my Job Accelerator Program and discussed how, although she was in marketing, she was a little blind on how to market herself.  

    I was able to help her craft a really compelling story, a story which extended to her resume, LinkedIn profile, 30 second elevator speech and formal interviews. 

Landing a job at Duco, she can now make a greater impact at a smaller company! 


Sharon had reached out to her network, but quickly figured out that most of her contacts were very senior people.  Many of them were looking for their next job also. 

Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Since companies are pyramids, fewer senior jobs exist.  Compounding this problem, she suspected that being 40+ was an issue.

I completely agreed with her age assessment. 

When will companies learn the value of experienced professionals? If we can raise kids, we can adapt to anything!      

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I validated Sharon’s concerns about age discrimination and developed a job search plan accordingly.  

She felt that I understood her issue since I faced the same issue in the past. 

After we discussed that certain smaller companies that are pursuing larger corporate clients actually need seasoned marketing professionals, Sharon started pursuing the right companies that needed her skill set and experience.

Job search over

Great job Sharon!

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