Samir was unemployed from a wealth management job from a top 3 Wall Street firm, since the job was not a good fit.  He was frustrated to say the least and scared of no income. 

He was in sales, but his passion was fixing operating inefficiencies, so everybody could work smarter.

After working together for 3 months, Samir had an offer from We Work to help operationalize their service delivery model.  He took the job and couldn’t be happier to work for a hot company.


Samir was frustrated that he really wasn’t making a difference given that most of the processes and procedures were fixed in stone.  It became evident his firm knew he wasn’t a good fit.  

He really wanted to add value since he could take a look at any inefficient process and fix it.

Samir came to me asking how to repackage his skill set to transition to operations/change management.

What did I do? 

  • Discussed that he had optimized as many of the processes and procedures as he could-demonstrating he had the skills for the new job
  • Packaged up the resume to demonstrate the operational optimization skills as the focal point
  • Networked him into 8 companies that needed his skill set

Samir has shown his appreciation by recommending 2 friends to me, telling them “you need to work with Mike”.  Sorry, Samir can’t provide discounts to WeWork.

Great job Samir!

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