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Samir, a Harvard Business School alumnus, had excellent work history, but had been out of work for over a year. 

As those who know, getting back into asset management is really tough after any unemployment stint.

Who are we kidding; getting back to any industry is hard after unemployment.

Then he found my profile on LinkedIn and got in touch.  

I signed him up for my Job Accelerator Program and helped him understand how his unemployment anger was polluting his job search

With 3 offers now in hand, he has piece of mind

Samir’s Background

He had spent the better part of a year networking for jobs, the preferred route.  Something was wrong.

He was in a bad place psychologically because he:

  • Ran out of severance after 3 months;
  • Passed the dreaded 6 month and 1-year unemployment anniversaries; and
  • Allowed his anger to affect his entire outlook on life
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He, like I used to, measured his value by his job title and salary.        

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I helped him validate his self-worth and showed him how his attitude was killing him.  

Sometimes it takes someone outside to remind you of what’s inside.  

Once he understood how his attitude was driving his failure, he understood how it could also drive his success.   

With 3 offers, he now sleeps like a baby!

Great job Samir!

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