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Picture of Robert spinning his wheels

Robert was spinning his wheels trying to get a sports’ marketing job, probably the most, if not one of the most, competitive industries.

A sports enthusiast to say the least, Robert was trying to marry the intersection of his passions and skills.

Robert had no clear direction how to start his search; his dream was slipping

I enrolled him in my Job Accelerator Program where I focused attention on networking him into the sports’ marketing world.

Robert hit it out of the park with his new digital marketing position with MSG Networks!

Robert’s Background

Robert had been unemployed for 6 months when I first met him through a friend.

He was in love with all forms of sports and had prior positions around the edges of baseball and hockey, never really hitting the mark.

His bank account was shrinking, and he felt lost and confused on how to approach the job search.

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I reached out to my network of professionals working for sports teams, networks, stadiums, etc.

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Picture of Robert and team celebrating

The informational interviews I set up for him gave him knowledge, confidence and advocates on the inside of the sports world 

I prepared him for what to say and how to say it.  All sports teams need a coach!

Robert scored the three pointer and a great position in digital marketing with MSG Networks!

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