Mark was frustrated with his boss, although he loved his asset management job.  Ever have a bad boss like one in the left picture?

Mark was a VP, smart, going places, but his boss was egotistical to the point of absurdity and abuse.

Overworked, under-appreciated and under paid, Mark came to me “boss-icidil”

I enrolled him in my Job Accelerator Program, where I created a job upgrade plan. After 2 months, he transitioned to another asset management firm under a new boss who I knew well.

Job transformation successful, old boss still alive, and Mark is back on track!

Mark’s Background

Mark had 3 jobs since the financial crisis of ’07, each with increasing levels of responsibility. He was skilled with investing in traditional and alternative assets.

A real up and comer.

However, after three years of working for a man that was emotionally unstable, financially volatile, and just generally a bad apple, Mark felt:

  • Angry he was doing the work of 3 professionals and getting paid like a 1/2
  • Frustrated since it is nice to hear praise from your boss sometimes
  • Fearful that the market may penalize him for working with a guy everyone knew was a problem

Under appreciation from your boss, your spouse, your kids or anyone else important in your life really drains you.

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I rewrote his entire resume and LinkedIn profile to tell the story of a special guy, hard worker, loads of talent, and ready for more.

When he read himself, he felt proud.

We engaged in mock interviews to make Mark feel comfortable how he should best tell his story.  He now saw himself in ways he never knew!

When he went on the offense with his job search, he realized how much he was in demand.  He interviewed all over town and chose an asset manager I knew well.  His new boss carries the mug above.

Job upgrade complete, and Mark feels great!

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