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Lisa had been looking for a job for almost a year in financial services.  She was frustrated and sick of the whole job search process.  Then she came to Career Services Plus.  

I signed her up for my “Frustration Relief” Job Accelerator 8 Step Program.

    She isn’t frustrated anymore! 


Lisa had applied for so many jobs online that she was tearing her hair out with the lack of real results.  Networking had only taken her so far.

She felt like somebody asked her to land a 747 without any co-pilot.  

She just couldn’t get to the finish line of an offer, for the runway seemed non-existent.

I became her co-pilot

  • I immediately increased her confidence level by revamping her entire resume, so she could see, in very concrete written terms, that she had the skills for the job
  • I gave her a clearer view of job search by identifying a list of target companies which fit her unique needs
  • I helped her turn the corner in her mind that the job search process would never end by networking her into 20 companies that were in growth mode looking for her skills

Now employed, Lisa can’t decide whether she is happy or just relieved.

Regardless, the Job Accelerator 8 Step Program helped her to achieve “frustration relief” and land the plane with all safe on board.

Great job Lisa!

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