Image result for bored catAnaya was frustrated with her boring job that had no potential to satisfy her desire to pivot into technology, the hot field.   

She was as bored as fluffy the cat, pictured on the left.

She had no idea how to make a career transition; who does?

Then she heard about my Job Accelerator Program.  

She enrolled in my Job Accelerator Program, where I created and executed a career transition strategy. 

Transition Completed!

Anaya’s Background

Her job was exciting at first, but after a few years, just fizzled.

She had decent income, but felt:

  • Bored since she was learning nothing new
  • Frustrated since she didn’t know how to escape her situation
  • Anxious that the world was passing her by at the age of 30

I understood her feelings since my cold calling job left me confused, nervous and tired of life.        

Through my Job Accelerator Program, I introduced her to experts in her desired field who gave her advice on how to transition from her current position to her target one.  

I am not the smartest person in the room-just ask my kids! 

However, with a massive network, I found the smartest people to provide her direct, tangible instructions on how to transition.  Image result for dancing woman

Once Anaya spoke to my experts, we took her learnings and developed a clear path to a technology position    

Boredom, Frustration and Anxiety Gone!

Great job Anaya – (see picture on right)!

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