Ana had been working in a large bank but felt burned out.  She was frustrated with her hours, dysfunctional management, and knew banking was not for her anymore.  She was even more frustrated than Debra in the Giphy to the left.angry hate GIF

She was even willing to give up the bonus for bitter fitting job.

Ana came to Career Services Plus not knowing really how to re-position her career since all she knew was banking. 

What did I do? 

  • Took her through a series of personality and career interests’ exercises
  • Determined the intersection of her passions and skills
  • Recommended 10 job descriptions that fit “her”

After Ana and I met 3 times for an in depth review of what she valued in a job and life, I connected her to possible job roles; she landed one at MetLife in a really innovative position!  

We turned her into a hero, feeling better than Wonder Woman below!happy wonder woman GIF

Great job Ana!

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