“It must be my resume.”

This is the universal answer I hear when my clients get stuck in the job search process.

While your resume is really important, it represents only about 10% of the reason you’re stuck.

Job search is easy to understand on a conceptual level, but hard to execute. It has 5 basic parts:

  1. Clear Career Goals
  2. Wow Resume
  3. Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  4. Accessing the Hidden Job Market
  5. Networking like a Pro

Not all steps are equal in importance, in time spent, or in difficulty.

Ask and answer these following questions. It is so much more important than the format or content of your resume:

  • Do you really understand your career goals, and do you have the market validation that your goals are realistic?
  • Do you realize you never need to apply for jobs online ever again?
  • Do you understand the power of the network you can create, today, now?
  • Do you have a customized strategic career plan?

If you don’t have a customized strategic career plan, you will run around without direction.

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