They do it multiple times a week.  So does KPMG, JP Morgan, Facebook and Amazon.  In fact, your neighbor probably does it. Maybe even family members.

Who is not doing it? 99.99% of job seekers.  That’s precisely why you should!

What in the world am I talking about?


Ok, now the moans, groans and objections fly.  Pause; just observe them occupying the room with their negative energy just like those annoying employer rejection letters.


Not denying you are busy with your personal life, in addition to job search, which seems like a full-time, never-ending job in itself.

Think about it:

  • Probably your biggest “I need a job” challenge is to show employers your skills are current
  • Remember: you don’t get hired for career experience; you get hired for current career skills
  • You might need to turn your frustration, anxiety, and maybe even depression into something positive and creative

What better way to stay current than blogging about recent news events, product launches, or general trends in your industry that you already read about every day?

Once a week, find something non-controversial but informative to write about; 300 words max.

You don’t have a following?  It doesn’t matter!  Be proud of your blog; put it on your resume, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Employers and recruiters will find and read it.  It might just give you the edge you need. 


Ok, so your time is limited.  You might need permission from your employer.  Could it signal you are looking for a job?  Valid considerations.

However, don’t you want to be known as an up and comer, the go to guy/gal?

What better way to demonstrate to a potential employer that you have the drive to succeed than blogging on your own time.

It might just give you the edge you need.    

Final Thought

If a devastatingly handsome career coach can successfully blog (not beg) for clients, you can also as part of your career search strategy!

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