This post discusses why it’s not your resume.  Your resume is only step 2 of the 5 step process…

My Story

Between jobs 4 years ago, I did what everyone else did.

I applied on company websites, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc.

I spent hours on my resume to get that perfect wording, that perfect “look”.

I got nothing, not even feedback why I was rejected

I was so angry that after 3 months of unemployment, I fell into depression.  

I told myself it’s my resume. I spent even more hours on this stupid document.

Everyone’s Solution

My brother, my savior, again pulled me aside and explained that marketing yourself is a multi-step process.

Your resume is just one part, maybe 20%. Why spend 100% of your time on 20% of value?

Don’t get me wrong; a best in class resume and LinkedIn profile are essential for getting a job, but they aren’t enough.

5 Steps to Landing that Position and Getting your Groove Back

  1. Decide your career path after some serious soul searching
  2. Tailor your resume to the most common skills that 4-5 sample job descriptions require
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile both in content and in the behind the scenes settings
  4. Network in person and via LinkedInrepeat this step over and over and over and over
  5. Engage in mock interviews with someone who knows how to critique you

Ever go on a first date and ask the other to marry you that night?

Ever ask the waiter to only bring you the appetizer when you paid for a 7 course meal?

Ever just do the 1st and 60th minute of an exercise routine?

Please respect the 5 steps to avoid languishing in anxiety and frustration.

I will discuss each step in future blogs.

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