Short form video is all the rage these days. Since I’m not a fan of TikTok for job search, I have decided to produce my own 30 second short form videos about job search (what else?)

We know I’m not a TV personality nor even that good-looking. Feel to disagree. I’m just a hard-working financial services career coach trying to make a living.

However, since you, my fans wants short form video, I’m happy to announce a new series called “Mike’s Rants”. I take different job search topics, give my 2 cents, and get a little emotional (hence the name “Rant’).

Let’s have some fun with an otherwise serious topic. I will be releasing them on LinkedIn every week or so, depending upon well, my mood and the news.

The topics are designed to be current and quick soundbites of advice and will include:

• Networking
• Proactive Job Search
• Wage Inflation
• Stop Applying Online
• More, more, more

The videos are professionally edited and contain closed captions.

For our first of the new hit series “Mike’s Rants”, please check out the video below regarding Wall Street wage inflation given that 22-year-olds are now making almost $150k at top investment banks.

If they are making $150k, shouldn’t you be at least $300k or more?

Bottom Line

Catch me on video and get in touch if you want a better job.

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