Interviewing & Salary Discovery / Negotiation

Cost: $2,500

1 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Call

We spend time actually talking with each other to understand where you have come from and where you might want to go

Personal Value Statement

Clearly express why you are better than the competition and what you do better than others in the applicant pool

3 Hours Mock Interviews

Interview practice and training, including:

  • Interview answer frameworks
  • #1 question you must ask at the beginning
  • What never to say
  • Most common mistakes
  • Body language analysis
  • Opening and closing interview musts
  • 10 most common interview questions
  • Career gap discussion
  • Career pivot discussion
  • Relationship building with interviewer
  • “I” vs “we”

Effective Interview Follow-Up

Discussion about strategies for following up after interviews and a done-for-you thank you note template

1-hour Interview Debrief

Call with Mike to debrief after a formal interview

Compensation Discovery

Mike has targeted conversations with professionals in your target roles to uncover compensation information so that you know what you can expect in base, bonus, and benefits before you even start interviewing

Compensation Negotiation

Learn techniques for negotiating base, bonus, and other aspects of compensation

30-Minute Call Post Initial Offer

Debrief call with Mike to discuss next steps after an initial offer

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