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Your network is only so large.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase it by 10x?  You can!

Ask a simple question

At the end of any networking call, simply ask your contact if they can put you in touch with someone else to learn more about whatever topics you discussed.  If you had a great networking call where you discussed the industry, competitive forces, how the contacts’ company is doing, etc., then you should be hungry for more information. If your networking call did not touch upon these types of topics, then you might need to take a step back and learn how to have a networking call. Seek information to find a better job.

Do’s and don’ts

When asking contacts for a referral, please:

  • Emphasize your desire to learn more
  • Don’t make it sound like you are trying to get an interview
  • Follow up with your contact if they agree to make a referral; they might forget
  • Don’t ignore the middle-meaning mid-level referrals that can be even more valuable than senior ones to learn what really happens in a company
  • Ask to be connected to an uber referral-someone your contact knows that knows everyone

When you speak with your contact’s referral, ask for another referral.  Eventually, you touch the world and get a better job.