My mistake and How to Avoid It

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I stopped communicating which really hurt me in mind, body and spirit, especially job search and my career.

When I had a job:

  • I focused on my job, the people around me and my customers
  • I sacrificed time with my family and friends
  • I got to know others in my industry really well

Was I taking care of myself or my company?

When I was unemployed:

  • I felt depressed, reclusive and shut down even with my parents, wife and kids
  • Getting out of bed was painful, physically and psychologically
  • I allowed myself to be consumed by jealously of people who still had jobs-why me?

I shut down from everyone, including myself

Let’s learn from Goldman and Google

Can you possibly turn on the TV, your computer and not hear about Goldman and Google?  They are everywhere by design.

Goldman requires its equity analysts to speak on all the major news shows, publishes research for all investors to read, and constantly makes press releases.  Even if you are economically disadvantaged, you know the name.

Google is your search engine of choice, your browser, your gadgets in your home.   It’s a noun, verb, adjective and pronoun.

What does that have to do with me?

None of us has their household name (except in our own ego).  However, we can communicate with a broader audience and reach beyond ourselves i.e. networking.

Networking is the most valuable career advice.

It might mean leaving the office early for a networking event or even calling a former colleague to check in during your lunch break.  It might mean getting out of bed early!

Don’t make excuses.

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Set realistic communication goals if you are employed:

  • Attend 2 networking sessions per month and actually talk to people
  • Set aside 2 hours per week to speak with professionals outside your current field just to learn
  • Find a mentor in your company who has had experience outside of your current field or a wider view of the world
    • Score one for those of us in our 40’s/50’s!

Establish guidelines if you are unemployed:

  • Start by calling your closest former colleagues who won’t care if you are down on your luck
  • Connect with 5 people a day on LinkedIn and follow up with a phone call to learn
  • Force yourself to go to 1 networking session per month, not even speaking to anyone at first

Increase your momentum and start posting something intelligent on LinkedIn weekly so you gain visibility.  One of my clients is doing this right now.  Share other people’s posts.

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I know it’s hard.  However, be seen; do something; act. 

You’re not Google or Goldman; You’re more important!

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