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Unless you are near retirement or making so much money you can buy that private jet, job comfort can be professional suicide.

When you are comfortable, you generally stop learning, gaining no new skills.  Are you like Thor to the left?

If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward; there is no neutral in the professional world, not any more.

I did the same job for 10 years because I was too scared to leave.  It was quasi-professional suicide.

I eventually recovered a few jobs later to the best profession in the world, career coaching. I have gained so many new skills (e.g. blogging) and worked hard to get them! 

Do You Qualify?

Are you below?

  • I know my job so well; I can do it in my sleep
  • I don’t love my job, but the commute and money are lit (means really good for Millennials)
    • Sneaked that diction expanding skill in there!
  • I worked so hard for my title, I just feel like cruising for a while
  • I am comfortable because yada, yada, yada

Please keep reading to learn from my mistakes and see helpful hints!


I have had three jobs in my life, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Kilowatt Financial where I felt really comfortable. People were fantastic, money was good, and the jobs were interesting.

However, I stopped pushing myself to learn new skills from colleagues and clients.  I stopped reading self-help books, attending voluntary industry events, and listening to TED podcasts.

I cut out early if I could, went home, and zoned out in front of the TV.

Regret and Results

When I was laid off after two of these jobs, I found myself with outdated skills.

I felt:

  • Scared no one would hire me; I wouldn’t hire me
  • Confused as to how I fit into the new world; I am not sure I did
  • Angry at myself for ceasing to grow at a young age

Getting back to work was a nightmare, took way too long (1+ year), and drained my savings.

Ever See This Job Description? 

“Great job, fantastic compensation, unbelievable perks… old skills needed”.

I felt so much regret.  I did get another job, but not with the responsibilities nor money I needed.

Image result for new skillsTurn it Around!

I should have been like my phone, professionally speaking.  Always updated, always receiving new apps, on the go.

I have learned so many lessons from letting my skills go stale.

If you are not learning new skills, the following are irrelevant:

  • Top Name Companies since even Goldman Sachs and Google get you only so far
  • Great Money since we humans tend to spend great money also
  • Well Respected as a company leader since respect drops off when laid off

What should you be doing if your job does not afford more skill gathering:

  • Take an online course from, or similar companies to obtain a certificate
  • Think about an online degree-fastest and easiest way into the Ivy League
  • Talk to friends and colleagues about what skills they have picked up recently
  • Read target job descriptions and note your gaps-be honest!
  • Teach yourself – Can’t do a pivot table in Excel? Google it, and you will find 51.5 million entries
  • Change jobs

Grow.  Learn.  Help the Future You!

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