The backstory

FinTech.  Yes.  40-something year-old former FX and emerging markets trader completed the journey to FinTech.  Hear (and here) all about it!

He had a great career on the street in a very traditional trading role.  A true trading expert, not a Python coder or heavy quant.  I’m talking from the old school when computers did not run the show.

I met my client when he was in between jobs.  He was so frustrated that despite hitting 90% of the qualifications from online job descriptions, he could still not get traction.

A former 7 figure earner had a hard time getting in any door.  However, after we created and executed a strategic customized plan, hello FinTech.

The challenge

This might come as a shock to many, but Wall Street traders have a hard time making a pivot in this environment.  Why?  In general (I say this because there are certainly exceptions):

  • Their former jobs have been usurped by electronic trading
  • The current breed of traders has a Ph.D. in mathematics, etc.
  • Their skills are more focused vs. broad-based
  • Building relationships was never their strong suit, at least outside of trading
  • Many of their former colleagues have retired

Maybe you want to make the pivot, but how do you even start to crack this complicated thing called “FinTech”.

The solution

After you “point” your resume and LinkedIn profile towards your chosen industry and job role, you then need to execute 2 significant activities:

  1. Creating a target company list; and
  2. Network (do my readers get annoyed I keep mentioning this topic? Good!)

Creating a target company list

After typing into LinkedIn and Google the keywords that fit the job you want, you read what appears.  Read more, and eventually, you teach yourself the multiple definitions of FinTech and how your skill set fits into the ecosystem.

Click Define FinTech for a great definition.

Then, you begin to really understand the ecosystem and what companies fit your goals.

You then make a target company list.  Yes, you take charge of your job search and define your future.  In Making a Target Company List, you will see some easy tips to discover which companies are not only exciting to you but are also realistic employers.


You then do anything and everything to speak with business professionals working there and sell yourself.  You will find helpful advice in Accessing the Hidden Job Market.  I know the author of this article personally.

My client’s challenge

  • 43 years old
  • Not a quant
  • In between jobs
  • Emerging market and FX trader
  • Exhausted and confused from applying online for 6 months

None of his buddies was able to really help him; they simply lacked Fintech contacts.

My client’s solution

My client and I discussed how to search for companies that are involved in trading FinTech products.  Read and research.  “Sand the Floor” (free resume review for those emailing me the movie reference-all out of Starbucks gift cards!)

There are companies developing independent trading platforms, software to help hedge funds trade, broker-dealers making crypto markets, etc.

We created a list of 25 companies, including:

  • BlockFi
  • Genesis
  • Coinbase
  • Greyscale
  • PayPal

Let the networking begin.  He used LinkedIn (free version) to find all his university alumni (regardless of graduation date) and former company alumni (regardless of whether he knew them) who worked for the companies.

After contacting these professionals on LinkedIn with a method I taught him, he learned so much about his potential role.  Applying his learnings to improve his networking skills, he built his Charlotte’s Web of FinTech connections.

After 3 months of repeated emails and phone calls (in a way I taught him not to be a pain in the ass), he found “the” spot.  Not easy, but then nothing in life ever is.

Can I use “ass” in my article here?  Are any of you censors?  Hope Mom’s not reading this!

Bottom Line

If you have a plan, you can achieve anything.  Check out LendIt FinTech for the best FinTech research.

Click for our Report on People Moves from the Street to FinTech

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