My client is me.  Is that allowed?  Never thought about it before. A financial services job in the summer?

I sat down thinking about a blog topic, and the idea of “Do people really get financial services jobs in the summer months” popped into my head.

After all, conventional wisdom says “no” especially since most financial services companies have a December 31 year end calendar.  People vacation in the summer.  Things move slowly.

It then hit me, “I think I did”.  I checked my LinkedIn profile and remembered that when I left Merrill Lynch to transition to Credit Suisse, it was August 2000.

So why does my story fly in the face of conventional wisdom?

The answer is because I am you, and the market is the market.

My backstory…

After 6 years at Merrill Lynch in NYC, I became a big fish in a small pond.  Well known in the investment banking community as an expert in credit card securitization, I had a niche.

For those of you who don’t immediately understand my expertise, like I said, small pond.

However, tiring of the same old, I wanted a new challenge.  I asked to transfer to London.  The powers that be gave me the country of Canada for all securitization products.

A bigger job in a smaller country seemed like a good trade at the time.

Merrill Lynch had purchased an investment bank in Canada and wanted to compete with the Bay Street banks.  (TD, CIBC, RBC, etc.).  I spoke the language (at least I thought), so it sounded like a good move.

My ex-wife #1 was incredibly supportive of the move since she understood the Wall Street career hierarchy path.  If you, or my kids, are reading this, thank you!

However, my buddy Dave (let’s pretend this is his first name since it really is), called me up and said Credit Suisse had an opening for a credit card securitization expert.  I said no way will I go back to the old life.

You see, Credit Suisse a few months earlier had lost most of their securitization team to Deutsche Bank.  The new Credit Suisse team had a gap, no credit card securitization expert.

Yes, I moved for the money.  “Common, common, listen to the money talk” (free resume review for naming the band who originally sang that line).

Hey Dave: did you get a referral bonus?  I want half now, compounded with an annual interest equal to the growth rate of Bitcoin’s price since 2010.

“So, what” you ask?

Let’s analyze what happened, and you will see why you can get hired in the summer.

A professional need arose.  I had:

  • Expertise
  • Good reputation
  • Sponsor (my friend Dave who I think pocketed a $10K referral fee)

It really was that simple.  Of course, I had to interview, but that was really a formality.

Mid to senior-level professionals don’t “get” jobs, they “fill” spots

Normal course hiring on Wall Street traditionally comes in the 1st/2nd quarters.  Get bonus, leverage bonus with a competitor, move for more money.  Rinse, repeat.

However, growing firms have needs that are created throughout the year because they are constantly adapting.  Law of the jungle.  Simple Darwinism. Agile.

FinTech is, by definition, a disruptor.  For a definition of FinTech, please see my blog series Making the FinTech Move.  With the godzillions of capital flowing into this sector, opportunities are created every day.

For a great source of new capital flows, please check out LendIt Fintech, the best source for FinTech news, and a lot more (I do not get paid for this referral; I just like their stuff).

How do you fill a spot?

If you sit back and apply online, you might as well just sit back.  It’s probably the same probability I find my next love without trying.

However, I digress.  Quick plug for me.  I’m seeking:

  • Female, age 40+ and must exercise
  • Has life’s scars and not afraid to show them
  • Willing to accept my life’s scars
  • References upon request are NOT available since most of the stories are true (however, you can try to call my 2 ex-wives at 867-5309 and ask for Tommy)

Qualified candidates are encouraged to call 917-952-3361 (you don’t think I would be foolish enough to give my real number, do you?)

Back to business…

10% of my mid to senior-level clients have gotten jobs online.  Bad bet.

Good bet: networking.  Check out my networking blog Networking Secrets for more.

Bottom Line

If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.  Career success and love.  Get out there now!

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