Thank you for reading our newsletter. This marks our 13th edition!

We have adopted a new mission statement of sorts here at Mike Mittleman Career Coaching. Recognition, Respect, and Relief. You deserve all of these from your job and more. So many of us put up with bad bosses, bad titles, underpayment, and just feeling crappy about going to work. You don’t have to stand for all this. There are better ways.

In this overheated job market, there is no excuse for you to put up with anything less than Recognition, Respect, and Relief


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You deserve job recognition since it occupies 10-15 hours of your time every day, more time than you spend with your partner. Recognition may mean many things to many people, but after coaching 500+ career coaching clients, most people want many of the same things.

Let’s take a simple test:

1.    Do you have to deal with an insecure boss taking credit for your work?

2.    Are you being paid top dollar for your services since everyone else is?

3.    Does senior management notice you and consider you for better positions?

4.    Are you provided appropriate timeframes for your assignments?

5.    Are you working 60+ hours per week and know there is a better work/life balance?

Test Results:

0 “Yes” answers, then you are a rock star

1 “Yes” answer, then you need to think about your career carefully

2 “Yes” answers, then you need to look at the market and consider moving

3 “Yes” answers, then you should have your resume and LinkedIn profile perfect by now

4 “Yes” answers, then you should start interviewing heavily starting yesterday

5. “Yes” answers then you need a therapist; I can recommend a few

In this job market, it is almost laughable how easy it is to move jobs. However, finding the right job is a strategic play since finding the wrong job can hurt for years to come


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Have you received a title bump without more money? A title bump with no extra compensation is about as insulting as you can get. The problem is you can’t pay for private school with a title; I’ve tried. Furthermore, if you are older than 25 years of age, do you have a team underneath you? Are you mentoring, teaching, and hiring?

How to tell if you are not respected:

1.    Go more than 2 years without a title bump and/or with increased compensation

2.    Get told “maybe next year” things will improve, every year

3.    Get a salary raise under 10% which is about the current rate of inflation

4.    See peers climbing the food chain and you’re not

5.    Get some intermediate silly title they made up to keep you happy

6.    Have fewer than 5 direct reports if you are in your 30’s

7.    Have fewer than 15 direct reports if you are in your 40’s and older

8.    You interview for your team, but your boss ignores your advice

9.    You are not invited to key senior management meetings

10. You just brought in a major client and get bupkis for additional pay


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Let’s hold aside money and titles aside and focus on mental health. Do you know your kids’ names? Have you been to their softball games?

Do you just live to work?

How to tell if you really need relief:

1.    You call your wife your mother’s name

2.    You call your husband his father’s name

3.    You commute more than 1 hour per day

4.    You only have 2 weeks of vacation annually

5.    Your therapy bill is higher than your kid’s private school tuition

6.    You call out “higher prices, lower yields, bottom line” and other terms in your sleep (or during other activities)

7.    You have so many regrets about life but are afraid to try harder.

Bottom Line

I don’t do bottom lines. I’m writing this late at night, and I would appreciate it if you read the full 5-minute newsletter. Since I need some Recognition, Respect, and Relief, please go back to the beginning. Stop skimming through life and pay attention!