FinTech is hiring. My client just moved to a LinkedIn 2021 top 50 FinTech. After 10 years at a top 3 bank, he was frustrated with the pace of innovation and difficult hierarchy.

When I caught up with him recently, I asked how his new position was going. With the freedom to choose his destiny within his company, he was thrilled.

As a bonus, he told me that his firm had a voracious appetite for talent.

I did some research on LinkedIn. His firm grew headcount by 150% in the past 2 years. There currently have almost 400 job openings, running the gamut from finance, IT, and product to program, HR, and operations.

I’m not a recruiter and don’t get paid by his employer for anything, but I would bet many of you would thrive in a hot company like his.

Moreover, I wrote a really interesting really interesting article recently which might help.  In the article, I described methods to leverage your 1st connections to access the hidden job market. Now it’s one better if this article’s author has inside knowledge on hot leads.

Company Job Posting Analysis

My research revealed the following about his employer, a NY based company with positions available globally:

  • Almost 400 open roles
  • 50+ in finance
  • 60+ in risk/compliance
  • 70+ in program/project management
  • Many more in IT

Therefore, what are you waiting for? FinTech is hiring!

Wait Mike, Don’t You Hate Job Postings?

Anyone who follows my articles knows that I hate the online application process since many positions are simply bogus. However, there are exceptions.

When you know a senior executive who can vouch for what is happening on the inside, you gain comfort. I trust people, not companies.

Under Which FinTech Vertical Does His Company Fall?

Many researchers have created FinTech vertical charts including CB Insights’ Fintech 250. However, I have not found any optimized for job seekers.

I have created the following 10 verticals to put a framework around FinTech:

  1. Institutional Asset/Wealth Management
  2. Capital Markets
  3. Financial Services Infrastructure
  4. Digital Banking
  5. Business/Personal Lending
  6. Data/Analytics
  7. Personal Finance
  8. Payment/Transaction Processing
  9. Accounting/Regulatory/Compliance
  10. Crypto

My client’s employer falls at the intersection of the Digital Banking, Crypto, and Institutional Asset Management verticals. No longer do FinTechs neatly fit into one box.

The company happens to be on the higher end of the risk spectrum compared to other FinTechs.  For those willing to accept a level of risk, this company might be for you!

Bottom Line

In summary, get in touch if you are thinking about making a move. FinTech is hiring.


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