Having a hard time finding the perfect job? Or struggling to even get an interview? The solution might be easier than you think…and totally within your control! This article will show you how to find your ideal job description.

The problem could be that you haven’t found the ideal job description yet. One that fits you like a glove because it strikes the right balance of what you want most in your next role.

I have good news for you. All of this can change today and by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to find your ideal job description.

In this article, we will discuss:

• What an ideal job description is
• How to create an ideal job description
• Benefits of an ideal job description

The “Ideal Job Description”

Few people ever have the good fortune of writing their own job description. But many of us have daydreamed about it, haven’t we? Well, today is our day!

I am going to share an exercise with you that will change the way you think about job searching.

You are going to sit in the driver’s seat to create and develop the job posting of your dreams. You get to call the shots on everything from organizational size and culture to daily tasks and responsibilities. You can even choose how you would like to have your performance evaluated.

The Exercise Explained

Start by heading to your favorite job board(s). It doesn’t matter if it is an aggregator (i.e., LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) or target company career page or something else. The goal is to find as many opportunities in your area of interest as possible.

Now begin surfing those job postings but this time it’s different. Look only for the language, descriptions, bullets, and responsibilities that speak to you. The job location doesn’t matter, the job requirements don’t matter, the job title doesn’t matter, the expected comp doesn’t even matter. Copy/paste the snippets that excite you into a new document.

The final step is to take that raw information and have fun crafting your own ideal job description. Feel free to get in the flow and add your own content to your creation- no limits! If something really matters to you, make sure it’s covered.

So, What’s the Point?

Hold on, I am about to give you the point…actually 3:

1. You now have much more clarity every time you look at a job posting or even think about one. You can quickly identify whether a job is a yes or no and what parts of the description resonate most with you.

2. You now have a definition and specific language (from real postings) for exactly what you want. This point alone immediately improves your networking and interviewing performance.

3. You might just uncover an opportunity or career path that you never imagined before doing this exercise.

Bottom Line

The ideal job description is a quick, easy way to get your job


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