Apple and Amazon don’t stop, ever. Neither should you.

Since most job seekers slow down now, do the opposite to stand out!

As I have written in the past, do something to stand out; blog, contact alumni for coffees, drop off handwritten thank you notes post interviews, etc.

Continuing to network at a time when most don’t will get you noticed. There are plenty of people still in the office, not on vacation. Job seekers, like career coach bloggers, need attention.

Those in the office are not being bombarded by job seekers like the rest of the year. We are all work addicts anyway.

People who can and want to help you have more time!

For many people in the office, the winter brings a slowdown of intense pressures. If you ask employees at target companies for phone calls or coffees to gather career advice, they should have more time for you, maybe even at a coffee shop instead of their office.

Use common sense like always: don’t request a coffee late Friday afternoon when employees might be heading out early for the weekend.

See networking for a job as an ongoing event; no better time than the present!

As I have blogged before, contacting employees of target employers is but a start in developing a relationship to finding the 70% of all jobs that are never posted on a job board-the “hidden job market”.

You must keep up ongoing dialogue with employees. There is no better time to start that process than yesterday. Ok, you can’t start yesterday unless you believe in time travel; so, start now!

P.S. Einstein believed in theoretical time travel, but jury is still out.

Apple and Amazon don’t stop, ever. Neither should you. Don’t ever stop!

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