I am asked by clients all the time “how long will it take me to get a better job or a job if I am unemployed?”

Since we career coaches have no crystal ballImage result for crystal ball, the answer seems on the face of it to be unanswerable. If anyone has a crystal ball, please call me.

Hiring manager personalities, fake job postings, CEO’s daughter/son already slotted for the position, time of year, etc. are all variables generally outside of your control.

However, we can give an answer which is completely 100% true. Image result for the truth

The amount of time it takes to get hired/rehired is directly dependent upon your effort as a job seeker. 

Are you:

  • Hiring a career coach to guide you, pump you up, and provide a structured approach to job search?
    • Sorry, pushing my own agenda-hey I have kids to feed!
  • Linking in with as many contacts as possible in your chosen field to have informational interviews?
  • Following up if you don’t get past an interview round to get feedback?

Or are you:

  • Running around without a real strategic plan in place?
  • Using a non-Wow resume and a poorly optimized LinkedIn profile?
  • Applying on jobs boards like 10,000 other friends of mine for each job?

So, look in the mirrorsimplehuman 8” Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness.  Are you hungry to make a better life so you can improve your income, your happiness, and your future?

Are you feeling down but committed to improving your attitude with regular exercise, meditation, yoga and other stress reducing activities?

Can you overcome the devil inside to improve your life? You can!

How long will it take me to get a job/better job?  The answer, the only answer, lies within you.