Hey Parents: Let us get your kid a job and out of your hair!

Super proud to announce that Marc Halpert and I have created a video program to help your #collegeseniors and #collegegraduates get the right #job and out of your house.  Marc W. Halpert is the 5th fastest growing LinkedIn coach.

Check It Out!

You kid’s first professional #job can set the tone for the rest of their life.

Relief has arrived. For all those #parents that are working so hard every day, watching their kids sleep in and play video games, this video program will provide them soup to nuts instructions with live Q&A.

A job and out of the house mean regaining freedom for you!

Yes, you paid their college massive amounts of money. However, most colleges fail in helping their students get top-notch jobs. Half of all students don’t even go to career services.

We are full time #coaches and understand the #pandemicjobs world. Our clients who range from ages 16-65 pay us up to $10,000 for our advice, advice that is now, for the first time, available in our video program.

Please click this link or pass it to a friend who really needs peace!


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