Private Credit. Hmm…

Are you just sick of bank hierarchy, banking regulation, and low-bank bonuses? Do you wish to enter the fast-growing world of private credit?

As Jamie Dimon says today in Bloomberg’s lead article “…predicts more rules are coming to an industry already struggling.”

Are you a credit officer, originator, operations, funding, or another professional from the traditional bank world?

Then, have you ever thought of a pivot to private credit? As banks come under more regulation, yet again, they will continue to look away from riskier borrowers. Who will continue to lend to these customers?

Private credit shops. KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle Group, and hundreds of smaller competitors have been and will continue to accelerate the void.

Moreover, Bain Capital just launched Bain Capital Private Credit, a private credit fund, one of many across the street.

You have transferable skills and a move to private credit could be what you need.  Check out my article, 3 Simple Anxiety-Free Ways to Speed a Job Pivot for helpful advice in making your case. In that article, I discuss:

  1. Network to prove you really are qualified and learn how your job differs from your pivot
  2. Design your executive resume and LinkedIn profile to prove you are already there
  3. Control the interview process to prove you are already there (beginning with interview preparation)

Stay tuned for more helpful tips.


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