Most job seekers would say there are no simple exercises to reduce the stress of job search.  They are generally right.  However, as Bob suggests below, keep reading since we have ideas!

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Sometimes job search feels so overwhelming that job seekers don’t start, get lost in the process, or accept massive stress as part of the agonizing journey.

When I was let go from Credit Suisse during the financial crash of ’07, I felt depressed, anxious, nervous; fill in the blank.

My problems manifested as:

  • Tightness in my abdomen and lower back;
  • Picking a verbal fight with anyone I could; and
  • Fear over how I would feed my family

However, friends (those with jobs) taught me a variety of skills that, on the margin, helped me a lot. 

Since then, I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years, starting while I was on Wall Street. I was told back then I was “weird” from my kids, co-workers, and parents (they freaked out the most!)

Don’t worry; I am not promoting heading to the top of a mountain to find yourself as my friend Carol did to the left.


So, what am I suggesting? Keep It Moving Come On GIF by Pose FX

Below I describe 3 simple, down to earth exercises to help you deal with job search stress

Breathing through your nose

  1. Sit by yourself in a comfortable spot (don’t lie down)
  2. Breath in through your nose slowly for a count of 4; pause
  3. Breath out through your nose slowly for a count of 8
  4. Repeat for 2-3 minutes-no cell phone

Hands across the chest and abdomen

  1. Sit by yourself in a comfortable spot (don’t lie down)
  2. Take your left hand and place across your chest, hand on heart
  3. Take your right hand and put across your lower abdomen
  4. Just sit for 5 minutes-no cell phone

See picture below (that’s not me; I think I’m better looking.)

Shift weight back and forth

  1. Stand up straight with your legs about two feet apart
  2. Shift your weight back and forth slowly, staying in control
  3. Repeat for 2-3 minutes-no cell phone


Try these simple exercises a few times a week.  Email me at to let me know when they help.

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