Happy Sunday.  As a #careercoach, I am asked all the time by clients if they should take an online #job given the trend towards remote working. The question is a little complicated:

  • If you have no other choice since you have a large employment gap, need to break into a new field, or really need the money, yes
  • If you don’t mind the headquarters’ location of the company, yes
  • If you would never, in a million years work in the company headquarters, then the answer is probably no

I believe companies are telling employees they can work from home, implying it can be for a long time or forever. Two reasons come to mind:

  • I believe that some companies believe themselves
    • However, they could change their mind as business conditions change
  • I believe that some companies are lying through their teeth and playing the bait and switch game
    • Wait until the CEO reveals the truth and then you are forced to go somewhere you don’t want.

I would stay away from remote jobs if you really hate the headquarter location.  Unless you really need the money.

Remote working is a trend.  All trends reverse themselves.


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