Update as of 9-17-2020 to the original post as of 8-31-2020.

Do You Take an Online Job When the HQ Location is Not Acceptable?

As more and more Wall Street companies put pressure on employees to return to the office, I see a split with Tech.

Wall Street will force employees back quickly in 2021 since CEOs know people need to be together. More importantly, nobody pays what Wall Street does; so what Wall Street CEOs want, they get. Even with JPM traders in, then back out, the pressure is mounting.

With Tech, the competition to steal each other’s employees is still so strong that Tech has pressure to give into employees who have indicated they would rather work from home. If you ask any Tech CEO in secret if they would rather have a workforce in person, I would bet the answer is yes.

So, it comes down to retaining talent, not the strategic vision of the CEO.

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Happy Sunday.  As a #careercoach, I am asked all the time by clients if they should take an online #job given the trend towards remote working. The question is a little complicated:

  • If you have no other choice since you have a large employment gap, need to break into a new field, or really need the money, yes
  • If you don’t mind the headquarters’ location of the company, yes
  • If you would never, in a million years work in the company headquarters, then the answer is probably no

I believe companies are telling employees they can work from home, implying it can be for a long time or forever. Two reasons come to mind:

  • I believe that some companies believe themselves
    • However, they could change their mind as business conditions change
  • I believe that some companies are lying through their teeth and playing the bait and switch game
    • Wait until the CEO reveals the truth and then you are forced to go somewhere you don’t want.

I would stay away from remote jobs if you really hate the headquarter location.  Unless you really need the money.

Remote working is a trend.  All trends reverse themselves.


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