The job market is rough.  You may have been a full-time employee for many years…

You may feel insecure, angry, and jealous.  Who wouldn’t?

The problem is that these feelings can easily emerge in any conversation, much less an informational or formal interview.

Don’t fool yourself you are fooling others.  You are human after all.

If you want to get back to a full time W-2 job, change your MINDSET.

Not possible you say? Read on…

Engage in Self-Reflection

  • Since I contribute to my clients’ business goals, I am valued; even if I am working for free
  • I keep my skills current; maybe not as many as I wish, but some
  • I have a position to include on my resume and LinkedIn profile
  • I think the universe is testing me; I’m still in the game

Going Forward

  • Take a longer-term view that consulting is part of your professional career
  • Remind yourself that most of us have or will be in your position; sorry, you’re not special!
  • Remember, this situation is temporary, and change is in your control
  • Try two simple exercises to calm your nerves-daily if you can
    • Take 4 deep breaths in, followed by 8 deep breaths out; repeat for 2 minutes
    • Put your left hand across your heart and your right across your lower abdomen; stay still for 2 minutes

Try to change just a little every day.