Wendy was an IT Project Manager working in the corporate sector, but was always curious about Wall Street.  She was nervous that she didn’t have a lot of growth at her current job.

I talked her through what a transition would be like, and you can see Nicole Kidman’s happiness for Wendy in the GIF below.

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Wendy needed to explore different industries since IT Project Manager (PM) jobs exist everywhere.

She had bold aspirations to work hard, climb the corporate ladder and up her compensation.

She was a natural for Wall Street.

I introduced her to my contacts, so she could better understand what a Wall Street PM job was like, day to day.  She learned answers to the questions such as:

  • What was the upward mobility?
  • What are the politics like?
  • Are the hours that long?

She then knew what she wanted.  After a few hours of mock interviews where we brought out her soft skills, she hit the official interviews hard.

Within 2 months of working together, Wendy pivoted to a top three investment bank and could not be happier!

Great Job Wendy! 
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